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The Inn at 117

Formerly the Tea Rose Inn, this victorian was built in 1909 by Justus Bissing Jr. a prominent builder and entrepreneur in the small town of Hays, KS. He lived in the home briefly before selling to the Basgall family. The Basgall family lived in this beautiful home for over 80 years. Each room is named after a historical event or person related to this amazing late Victorian home. In the late 1990's the home was then converted into a formal Bed and Breakfast called the Tea Rose Inn. After closing, the home passed several hands before being purchased by Kris and Larissa. 

Our hobby farm with our chickens

Our goal at 117 is to provide our guests with an elegant, relaxing experience. Our Inn is non-traditional, in that all food and drink items are provided in your suite. We provide a light continental breakfast of homemade granola and yogurt. We also provide hard boiled eggs fresh from our farm! Our chickens are free range and forage for most of their food, making our eggs high quality. We also have a no frills self check in system for efficiency and guest privacy. We love history, so each room is supplied with a history binder corresponding with the name of your suite, and other area historical books. Each room will also have various antiques,  some given to us from the Basgall family, and repurposed items. If there is anything you need during your stay, just ask :) 


Your Hosts

Your hosts, Kris and Larissa Munsch, have brought this late Victorian back to its former glory. They also perform home inspections, have a basement repair business, and have a business called Oldhouselove Restorations that focuses on period inspired rehabilitation of homes. Kris also teaches at the local University. They also have a small farm located on the edge of town where they take in rescue animals. Kris and Larissa do live at the Inn, but are often times working at their multiple jobs or at their farm. However, their guests are very important to them. Never hesitate to contact them with questions or concerns. 

Inn Etiquette and FAQ



 First time staying at an Inn/bed and breakfast?  It is different than staying  at a chain hotel.  Read about proper etiquette so you  know what to expect.  Some take kids and pets, some don’t.  Some serve breakfast at one time only, some have a range, some don't serve breakfast at all.   Don’t choose a bed and breakfast/Inn that can’t accommodate your needs and  expect them to change things for you once you arrive.  Below, we have  answered the most common questions about staying at a bed and breakfast/Inn. 

You are staying in someone's home

 When staying at a  bed and breakfast/Inn realize you are staying in someone’s home.  You should  treat the house with respect just as you would if staying with good  friends.  There are policies to follow that have been set up for a  reason.  Would you take a white towel from your friend’s house and use  it to wipe off your make up?  Certainly not!  Bed and breakfasts and Inn's don’t  have the budget or staff of a chain hotel and a stained towel takes time  to clean and sometimes the towel will not be savable.  This is an  expense for a bed and breakfast that will cost them time or money  cleaning or replacing the towel.  Common courtesy.  Your innkeepers do  want you to have a good time though so don’t hesitate to ask if there is something you need. 

It is our responsibility to clearly communicate what we  expect of and offer our guests.  We also expect that our guests will be clear in asking for what they need to make their stay the most  enjoyable.  Remember,  you are staying in someone’s house. They don’t have the 24-hour staff  of a chain hotel.  Think of it more like you are staying with friends.  We ask that if something isn’t right, that you let us know so we have  the opportunity to make it right. That may not always be possible, but  we will do our best.  If you haven’t given the innkeeper the chance to  address your concerns, it is truly the worst etiquette to later leave a  bad review of the property. 

 If something gets damaged, broken or otherwise, don’t  hide it.  Let your innkeeper know what happened soon as you can.   Especially if a spill, like a glass of red wine, so they can minimize  damage and get things cleaned up quickly as possible so there aren’t any  permanent stains.  If you broke something accidentally, let them know  that also.  Just like you would if you were at a friends’ house.  Innkeepers know that accidents happen.  That being said, try to use some  common sense in trying to prevent damage to their home or property.   Leaving a dripping bottle on the antique table or using one of their  white towels to wipe off your car would not be appreciated. Your  innkeeper would be more than happy to provide you with a coaster or a  rag.  Just ask. 

Is there a front desk?

 Most Inn's and  bed and breakfasts don’t  have a front desk.  Again, you are staying in someone’s house.  Would  you tell your friends that you’ll be arriving at their home between  4-5pm and then show up at 11pm without calling or texting? Certainly  not!  Innkeepers wear many hats and don’t have time to sit behind a  front desk.  They are the cook, housekeeper, concierge, marketer,  accountant, maintenance person, gardener and much more.  Usually someone  can be reached by phone most hours if you need help. The owners are available by phone call or text.

Check in/out times and self check in:

 Inn and Bed and breakfast check in times  can vary.  Usually they don’t start until after 3pm.  Realize that the  limited staff only has from check out (usually 11:00am) to check in  (usually 3pm) to get the house and rooms cleaned, do all the laundry,  run errands, prep food, answer phones and emails, maintenance and  gardening and much more in a short time frame.  Don’t think that since  you arrived into town early, you should be able to check into your room  early.   If you didn’t arrange for an early check in ahead of time,  don’t just drop by and expect you can get into your room before the  normal check in hour.  This can really upset the flow of duties that  need to be done to be ready for everyone’s check in at 3pm.  Remember,  bed and breakfasts have very limited staff and every minute counts!  

Check-in time at the Inn at 117 is anytime after 3:00pm, Check out  time is promptly at 11:00 am. If arriving prior to check-in time, you  may ask by calling, if your suite is available early, sometimes we are able to accommodate. If not, you may park your car in the parking area in front of the Inn and walk  downtown. It  is not necessary to come into the house to let us know that you’ve done  this. Unfortunately we do not have public restrooms for guests to use  prior to check-in. All guests should receive the self check-in instructions promptly after booking. We utilize a lock box for an easy self check in process for our guests. Be sure to follow the instructions and take the keys matching the suite that you booked.   At The Inn, you have your own key to the house and your room.  You can come and go 24/7, just like a hotel, however we do ask you to  keep noise levels to a minimum during quiet hours. 

How to Check In and Out

After booking you will be sent the check in instructions via email. We utilize a self check in system with a code to our lockbox which houses your keys. Upon arrival, use the code given in the instructions to open the lockbox. Send a text or email letting us know you arrived ok, and of course if you have any questions or concerns let us know. You may come and go as you please from the house. 

To check out, lock your suite door and lock the front door with your keys. Place your keys back in the lockbox. Send us a text or email letting us know you check out. It's that simple 


Be sure to ask or look at the website to see what kind of breakfast they serve.  Some are just continental (pastries,  coffee and juice), some are continental plus (pastries, coffee, juice,  cereal and milk, fruit), and some include a hot entrée.  If you have any dietary restrictions, be sure to let the innkeeper know before you  arrive.  They are always willing to TRY to accommodate but it is more  difficult without any warning.  Most bed and breakfasts don’t have a  restaurant and make the same thing for everyone, so last minute  adjustments can be more difficult. 

 At the Inn at 117, all of our breakfast items are offered in-suite.  Meaning you are welcome to take your light breakfast and coffee/tea etc down to the dining room or perfectly welcome to enjoy in the comforts of your suite. We offer a light continental breakfast consisting of breakfast bars, handmade granola and yogurt and hard boiled eggs fresh from our farm (seasonal).  

How do I make a reservation if I have a gift certificate to use?

Please  call  with the dates that you are interested in and let us know you have a gift certificate  816-529-1697. Bring the gift certificate to your reservation. 

Can you make me a special meal?

Please  be aware that we are not a restaurant and because of the number of  guests for whom we provide breakfast, we may not be able to accommodate  special requests beyond vegetarian dairy and gluten free. Before making a  reservation, please email us regarding your dietary needs/special  request to determine if we can accommodate you. If we are unable to do  so, we can suggest restaurants nearby which may have options for you. 

Are the rooms cleaned daily?

  At The Inn at 117, we  do not offer daily housekeeping.  However if requested during a long stay, we will offer to empty the  trash, and replace used towels for fresh towels.  If staying multiple weeks, We will inquire to change your sheets and do a light cleaning once a week.

Do your guest rooms have private baths?

 Most bed and  breakfasts/ Inns these days offer private baths. All of our guest rooms at the Inn at 117 have their own private bathroom. We do not have any shared  bathrooms. 

Do the innkeepers live onsite?

 Yes they do. At The Inn at 117 you can reach someone 24/7 for anything you need.  Running an Inn  is a tiring job with long days.  We appreciate if you  call or text for something between the hours of 9am and 8pm unless it is an  emergency. Be sure to look over your suite and make sure you have everything you need before it becomes too late in the evening. 

Are the guest rooms air-conditioned?

 Yes, all of our  guest rooms have Air conditioning. The Tea Rose, Basgall, and Bissing Suites are all on the same zoned air conditioner. In the summer we generally keep the suites at 71-73 degrees. Hays City Suite has its own in-suite guest controlled unit. We strive to make all of our guests comfortable. If you are too warm or too cool, please let us know and we will try  to accommodate the best we can. All suites also have ceiling fans and stand alone fans for your use.

FAQ Continued


Do you have free parking and Complimentary Wi-Fi?

 Yes we do. There is free Street parking along 13th Street, which gives direct access to the Inn. Parking along the street is very safe in our small low crime town. We are also located right across the street from the police station.  Free Wi-Fi is provided everywhere in the Inn. Login information is provided in your suite, but please call or text with any questions on how to connect. 

Do the rooms have irons, hair dryers and bath amenities?

 Yes,  The Inn’s rooms are comparable to a hotel room.  All of our  guest rooms have a flat-screen TV with Roku TV, mini-fridge, microwave,, corkscrew,  hangers, hair dryer, iron and ironing board.  

Are there phones in the guest rooms?

Knowing almost everyone travels with their cell phones today, we do not have phones in our guest rooms. 

Are you handicap accessible?

No, unfortunately we don’t have any ADA rooms. 

Can we walk to restaurants, shopping and FHSU?

The Inn is a very short walk to our charming downtown (less than half a block to The Fox). We are located on the north end of downtown with very short walks to almost all shopping and dining and the community pool. We are about a 10 minute walk to the University, FHSU.

Can we bring our bikes?

Absolutely! Explore our town via bike or we have a quaint park, a short bike ride or walk away called frontier park. Frontier Park also has a creek and Nature Trail. 

Do you have a pool, hot tub, or whirlpool bathtubs?

 We do not have a pool or hot tub. Some of the bathrooms have a standard bathtub or clawfoot tub, but we do not have whirlpool bathtubs. 

How far are you from the airport?

We are 8 minutes from Hays regional airport. 4 Hours from KCI ( Kansas City)and 5 hours to The Denver Airport.

Do you take long stays and/ or groups for events?

Give us a call to find out about discounts for long stays! 

Give us a call to discuss groups for parties, bridal showers, wedding parties and more.

Why should we stay at The Inn at 117?

The first reason is convenience! We have a very easy self check in and self check out system, which gives our guests optimal privacy. We are not another chain hotel - enjoy our wrap around porch and front garden areas. Our Inn also has the best location in Hays! Walk to everything you need! Continental breakfast, coffee, and tea provided in your suite. No rushing to meet dining times, eat and drink at your convenience. We also strive for a 5 star stay every time - we want to make this your home away from home. Anything you need, just ask! We will try our best to accommodate.  As a small family owned business, we are  very grateful for the guests that stay here.  We are constantly updating the  property to keep the historic charm with the modern amenities you desire.